The Ultimate DeFi Passive Income Generating Machine!

What Is Drip?

$DRIP is a daily ROI(Return on investment) Decentralised Finance project that pays out investors 1% of their investment, per day, every day.

Compound Interest!

You are paid 1% per day of your investment, which you can compound or take as profit. Check out the investment examples on this page.

How Is It Sustainable?

Drip rewards come from a 10% tax on all drip transactions excluding buys
from the platform's swap page. if there is ever a situation where the tax pool is not enough to pay drip rewards new drip will be minted to ensure rewards are paid

How does the Drip faucet work?

Participants join in by depositing their Drip into the Faucet, once deposited, they are permanently added to the contract pool and cannot be withdrawn.

The contract releases 1% guaranteed interest daily in the form of Drip tokens, with a maximum annual payout of 365% or 100000 Drip (Max Payout), based on the deposit. Whenever Drip is compounded back into the deposit, the contract automatically renews for another 365 days.

rip faucet

The Animal Farm.

The Animal Farm has two native tokens, AFD (DOGS) and AFP (PIGS).

Both are innovative assets with unique tokenomics which balance each other perfectly and allow for a multitude of options for investors who want to take full advantage of the platform.

the animal farm crypto

Where  to start! Drip or Animal Farm?

The Drip Faucet is a great place to start

drip or animal farm

Setup MetaMask

Start by installing the MetaMask browser extension, it should be available in the Chrome Web Store. Also available on Firefox.


Open Crypto Account

Cryptocurrency exchanges such as,, Binance.US,, and offer BNB.,



Buy BNB from them and keep in wallet (Metamask, Wallet). On top of the BNB to invest, you will need an extra $10 to $20 worth of BNB in your wallet for gas fees.

The Drip Network is THE DeFi Opportunity!

The beauty of compound interest

Earn daily interest on top of interest! The Drip network gives investors the chance to live of dividends earned whilst not only growing their assets, but also without selling their assets!

The Beauty Of Compound Interest



Nothing on this website is financial advice, please do your own research and only invest with money you can afford to lose.