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Is It All Over For The Drip Network And Animal Farm

The Animal Farm new launch date is Tuesday 25th October 2022. Is it all over for the drip network and animal farm or is it going to be amazing?

Drip is still paying 1% per day, 365 days per year, drip garden, piggy bank and pig pen are still live.

On Tuesday 25th October, the animal farm goes fully live, that means AFD will be available to buy, the farms and pools will all be open.

Sometimes in life you have to take a leap of faith, this DeFi and crypto space is not for weak hands and only invest with money you can afford to lose, but………..

I believe we are all in for an amazing 2022 and even better 2023! Join us for a DeFi ride in 2022 like no other! JOIN MY DRIP TEAM!! Links are in the Description & below. Subscribe to my Channel for more! <img decoding=async draggable=” />JOIN MY DRIP TEAM: Click the link below and then add the Buddy Address in the space provided… <img decoding=async draggable=” />My Buddy Address: 0xb4863074FA7030D4A2008a0873DBa2BcC1d70F31 Forex_Shark have relaunched the pig token, piggy bank and pig pen, the new UI looks amazing and this is going to be one wild ride!!!!! Drip 1% daily and the Animal Farm 3% Daily, take your daily % and then compound it every day!!!

<img decoding=async draggable= JOIN THE ANIMAL FARM:

<img decoding=async draggable= JOIN MY PIGGY BANK TEAM:…

<img decoding=async draggable=Founder of The Drip Network and The Animal Farm, Forex_Shark Interview

Fantastic Drip Network Tool By DevStreak :