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Drip Network Update 17th March 2022

Here is a Drip Network update for 17th March 2022. (Video below)

I am really excited today, the price of Drip is strating to rise, the news from Forex_Shark is extremely exciting, especially the collabarations that are about to happen.

The Drip Network pays 1% per day on your investment, which you can compound.

The drip network has a taxation system in place which taxes on investment and withdrawls, this tax then goes into the vault which helps pay the 1% to investors, combine this with an increase in the Drip token, provides a very exciting opportunity.

Obviously, just like Bitcoin, the price of Drip can go down as well as up, so please only invest with money you can afford to lose.

If you would like to invest please use my buddy link below, I will also include links to the Animal Farm and an excellent interview with the developer of the DRp network, Forex_Shark.

Drip 1% daily and the Animal Farm 3% Daily, take your daily % and then compound it every day!!! JOIN MY DRIP TEAM!! Links are in the Description & below. 💧JOIN MY DRIP TEAM:💧My Buddy Address: 0xb4863074FA7030D4A2008a0873DBa2BcC1d70F31🐷 JOIN THE ANIMAL FARM:🐷JOIN MY PIGGY BANK TEAM:

💧Founder of The Drip Network and The Animal Farm, Forex_Shark Interview

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