Hyperfund Review

I was first introduced to this opportunity in December 2020, i did a quick search and found some negative reviews and blogs saying ‘hyperfund scam’ and ‘hypertech scam’, there was a lot more positive websites than negative but i declined the invitation believing it was another one of these crypto scams.

Over the new year I decided to do some more research into this opportunity and found lots of information, both good and bad.

The people behind it are wel known names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, with Ryan Xu (founder of the HyperTech Group) being the majority shareholder of five Australian and NASDAQ listed Blockchain tech companies, the founder of Collinstar Capital (one of the world’s largest blockchain venture capital firms), the co-founder of the world’s first non-profit Blockchain knowledge hub, Blockchain Centre, and a shareholder in the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Sam Lee (Chairman of the HyperTech Group) being the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, co-founder of Blockchain Centre, a frequent guest on CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and Forbes, and a sought-after keynote speaker, having spoken at the United Nations and World Economic Forum summits.

Jayden Wei (CEO of the HyperTech Group) being Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, CEO of Molecular Future, co-founder of HyperDAO – and an experienced Fund Manager skilled in Portfolio Management,
Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Advisory services.

Roy Lam (Chief Intelligence Officer of the HyperTech Group) owning 11.9% of Australia’s second largest stock exchange (National Stock Exchange of Australia) and widely regarded as the “smartest man in Hong Kong”.

That the HyperTech Group comprises four industry-leading Blockchain companies, namely:

Blockchain Global
Digital X

These four companies power the HyperCommunity ecosystem: the world’s largest Blockchain community. Funded by crypto industry giants with the aim of putting its members’ digital assets to work to generate daily rewards into the future, CollinStar Capital, Blockchain Global, Digital X and HCash provide the community with world-class support, resources, funding and access to their proprietary market-making system.

The Group’s vision is to advance Blockchain technology through the creation of non-profit Blockchain education centres around the globe with a view to educating people in the “new economy” and providing the average person the opportunity to achieve lasting financial freedom. To this end, the group has as an end-goal a community of millions of members, thousands of tokens, multiple income-generating revenue streams and a 2023 listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange via a $300 billion IPO.

And that there are essentially two ways to personally benefit:

By joining as a passive participant
By joining as an active participant

A passive participant being one who invests with no interest in introducing others and building a team.

It’s always good to have what one is involved in endorsed by the likes of The Satoshi Show, an American cryptocurrency-related show that has gained a reputation for offering an incisive look into cryptocurrency offerings that are deemed to have ticked all the boxes.

The show’s hosts, Troy Rejda and David Chandler, have been in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space for some time, and like many of us, are alert to the fact that amongst all the Bitcoin scams and cryptocurrency ponzi schemes out there, there are crypto platforms that are honest, ethical, stable, sustainable and above all, that DELIVER. They’ve made it their business to analyse these platforms, and to dig deep to get at the truth (so that they are who they say they are, that they have offices where they say they do, and so on and so on…).

Invariably, this means calls or visits to the offices, interviews with the founders or leaders and an-depth look at the compensation plan to see whether the stated returns are indeed actual returns.

Following as thorough a due diligence as possible, Troy and David then arrive at a decision as to whether they are sufficiently comfortable recommending the platform on the Satoshi Show, or not. Invariably, being investors and network marketers themselves, they personally buy into the recommended platform and use the show to a) explain it to subscribers to the show and b) promote their own involvement in the said platform.

The Hypertech Group’s Hyperfund has recently been endorsed by The Satoshi Show. Not that an endorsement by an external party is particularly necessary, but it was comforting to hear Troy and David speaking so highly of it – and essentially corroborating what many of us in the Hypercommunity have believed since we first joined ie that Hyperfund is just on a different level.

They stated that ~

That the HyperTech Group’s Hypercommunity is unlike anything we’ve yet seen.

That, as the world’s strongest Blockchain alliance, it’s attracting considerable interest globally, due to:

The earnings potential being huge

Introducing people to the Hyperfund Global opportunity is entirely optional. Simply purchasing a Hyperfund package or multiple packages and doing nothing further than adopting a “re-buying” strategy is a perfectly sound and acceptable practice and is an option selected by many. Those interested in accelerating their earnings and opening up further revenue streams by introducing others will lean towards building a HyperFund Global business.

One thing that really struck me was how excited Troy was about the Hypertech Group’s vision, mission and resources.

I joined  in January of this year – with the sole intention of putting money into Hyperfund and then sitting back and hopefully watch the investment grow, I had intended to reinvest the profit, but do no recruiting. I then had a call with a person i really respect, he broke the numbers down and what he showed me, literally blew my mind.

It was shortly after this call that I felt what we had here was too good not to share.

I have recently put up this website blockchaincryptoplanet.com – intended not just as a recruiting and resource website for my team members, but to show people the power of blockchain technology and exactly what it is that we have here, and how by joining the Hypercommunity and buying a Hyperfund package, people can change their lives for the better.

It all starts with getting onto one of the daily Zoom call presentations, doing a due diligence, understanding the risks, and registering on the link of an existing Hyperfund member.

Anyone interested is welcome to contact me regarding this opportunity, I have done my due dilligence and I know nothing is guaranteed, but I am extremely excited about the next few years. I also realize that life is short and sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, there will always be nay sayers and there will always be people saying it’s the best thing since the invention of the wheel, but ultimately, it’s down to you and when I decided to go for it, i only invested what i could afford to lose, just in case. So far, it’s been great and there is just more great news being released every day.

The Hypercommunity already has more than 100 000 members. In time, it will have millions of members. As far as I am concerned people really need to check this opportunity out, the business model is very good, whether you are an investor or a team builder.

Anyone wanting information on the Hypercommunity’s daily webinars, training videos or wanting someone to talk to a prospect, please feel free to contact me at the top of this page.

The Hypertech Group’s Hypercommunity.

The Hypercommunity is essentially the marketing and distribution arm of the HyperTech Group – with the Hypertech Group being a conglomerate of four industry-leading Blockchain companies, namely:


which opened its doors in 2015 and is today one of the world’s most established and leading blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firms with offices in Hong Kong and Australia. See www.collinstar.com

Blockchain Global

which since opening its doors in 2014 has funded more than 80 successful start-ups with more than US$300 million and publicly listed 5 companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, ASX and NASDAQ. It has a staff complement of 500 in 23 offices around the world. See www.blockchainglobal.com

Digital X

which is a Blockchain and crypto asset finance company with offices in New York, Perth and Sydney, is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has featured on SkyNews, The Australian, Business Insider, Financial Review, Forbes, NASDAQ, Bloomberg and the Sydney Morning Herald. See www.digitalx.com



which is widely regarded as the world’s most technologically-advanced Blockchain and crypto project. It’s listed on over 16 top global exchanges including Binance, Okex, Bithumb and ZB and is funded by Government organisations and a number of the world’s top global Blockchain research universities. See www.h.cash

These companies are headed up by the likes of Ryan Xu, Sam Lee, Jayden Wei who are household names in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency place, with proven and established track records established over the last 5 or 6 years.

The Hypertech Group powers and funds the HyperCommunity: to all intents and purposes, he world’s largest Blockchain community. The aim of the community is to put its members’ digital assets to work to generate daily rewards and provide an array of superb passive income opportunities into the future.

Between CollinStar, Blockchain Global, Digital X and HCash, the community is provided with world-class support, vast resources, a world class tech team, funding and access to the Group’s proprietary market-making system.

So it’s a win-win for sure…

Members of the Hypercommunity win by being rewarded daily (rewards are in the form of HU, with 1HU being equivalent to US$1) and the HyperTech Group wins by having a loyal, passionate and global distribution channel investing in, and promoting, the ecosystem’s products and services.

At the end of the day, the Group’s vision is to advance Blockchain technology around the world (this through the creation of non-profit Blockchain education centres globally) with a view to educating people in the “new economy” and providing as many people as possible the opportunity to achieve lasting financial freedom.

As things stand, things are very much in their infancy – with perhaps 100 000 members or less. But all the pieces are being into place, with products already established and delivered.

The goals and ideals of the HyperTech Group are lofty (the end goal of a $300 billion IPO listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2023 will attest to this!), and anyone who has already joined the Hypercommunity as a member, and who has had a taste of things to come, will KNOW that this is so much more than just another online business opportunity – but the beginnings of something MASSIVE.

I’ve been in cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency/Blockchain space for five years now, and whilst I’ve had experience of a number of platforms and crypto business opportunities, I’ve not been involved in anything on this scale. Not even close to it.

If one realises that the Hypercommunity has only been in existence since last year, and is largely unknown outside of China and Hong Kong, we haven’t even scratched the surface. The goal is to have a community of 30 million members in time.

Am I excited? I now tell everyone about the Hyperfund. In my opinion, what we have here is an incredibly exciting opportunity that can be life changing.

I know this is only my opinion, but joining the HyperTech Group’s Hyperfund could well be the most rewarding thing you ever do!

So i believe that this opportunity is awesome and not a scam.



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