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Monthly Defi Earnings In The Drip Network Week 26 1st September

Exciting times ahead!!!

Here are my earnings and holdings for week 26 of my Drip Network DeFi journey.

If you are looking for a passive income generating machine, the Drip Network is it!

Now i am no financial advisor and this is purely what i am doing, please do your own research and only invest with money you can afford to lose. This is the wild west of DeFi and crypto currency and people get totally rekt! Be careful.

DeFi and Crypto is high risk, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, but……………..the opportunities are incredible!

We are still in a bear market, everything is still down and I have used this time to build and compound my holdings inside the Drip Network.

People are screaming that their holdings are worth less than they invested, so they sell. Doh!

This is the time to grow your bags (holdings) not sell!

As Einstein stated, Compound interest is the eigth wonder of the world! and the Drip Network enables you to do this, every day, in some cases several times a day.

Click Here for information and videos on how to get started with the DRip Network

Join us for a DeFi ride in 2022 like no other!

JOIN MY DRIP TEAM!! Links are below.

<img decoding=async role=” />JOIN MY DRIP TEAM: Click the link below and then add the Buddy Address in the space provided…

<img decoding=async role=” />My Buddy Address: 0xb4863074FA7030D4A2008a0873DBa2BcC1d70F31 Forex_Shark have relaunched the pig token, piggy bank and pig pen, the new UI looks amazing and this is going to be one wild ride!!!!!

Drip 1% daily and the Animal Farm 3% Daily, take your daily % and then compound it every day!!!

<img decoding=async role=” /> JOIN THE ANIMAL FARM:…

<img decoding=async role=” />JOIN MY PIGGY BANK TEAM:…

<img decoding=async role=” />Founder of The Drip Network and The Animal Farm, Forex_Shark Interview…

Fantastic Drip Network Tool By DevStreak :

Due to the grim bear market i will be adding my earnings monthly, then as soon as we go to the bull run, i will again return to weekly earnings videos. Crypto is here to stay, the big institutions can fight it and they will, the last thing the banks want is decentralised finance, they MUST HAVE control, so the battle continues, but the force is strong and the evolution of DeFi and crypto currencies is inevitable!

This weeks earnings has the Drip Faucet, the Drip Garden, the Piggy Bank and the Pig Pen.

The Animal Farm pools and the Dog token are all paused while Forex_Shark and the team updatethe Dog Token to V2.

The Drip Network And Animal Farm Opportunities The Drip Network is a decentralized and deflationary Binance Smart Chain protocol that converts your BNB into native Drip tokens and, if deposited, locks them up permanently in a treasury for dividend payments.

The Drip Faucet contract pays out the user a daily 1% interest up to a factor of 3.65 of the deposit. If you choose to compound your dividend payments, you will DRAMATICALLY increase your returns, combine this with building a team, can produce amazing results.

The Animal Farm (AF) is another fully decentralized smart contract that fits perfectly together with the Drip Network. It captures the Drip and Drip/BUSD token output as asset re-investments in The Animal Farm pools and yield farms to incentivize the potential for additional yield opportunities while capturing liquidity in the ecosystem.

“The super wealthy do not build and protect their wealth through selling their assets. They [are] accumulating and then leverage their assets, while living off the dividends.”

This is where i started my journey with the Drip network and Animal Farm click here for Week 1

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