Passive Income From Defi Weekly Earnings 02nd April 2022 Week 6

This is the sixth video of my Drip Network and Animal Farm Journey. Each week i am going to document my earnings and any developments within the Drip Network. 🙂

As we move into April 2022, Forex and BB are about to launch the Animal Farm and I believe MASSIVE things are going to happen.

If you would like to join links are below this article.

Click Here for a great interview with the founder of the Drip Network and the Animal Farm.

I moved some funds from yieldnodes to buy some more Drip. Buy the dip!

Once again, this weeks earnings only has the Drip Faucet and the The Drip Garden inside The Animal Farm. The Animal Farm pools, farms, pig pen and PiggyBank are all paused while Forex_Shark and the team update the whole system.

Forex Shark has just made an announcement about a new addition coming to the Animal Farm on relaunch! So I am very excited to see what that is all about.

Drip 1% daily and the Animal Farm 3% Daily, take your daily % and then compound it every day!!!

JOIN MY DRIP TEAM!! Links are in the Description & below.
💧My Buddy Address: 0xb4863074FA7030D4A2008a0873DBa2BcC1d70F31

💧Founder of The Drip Network and The Animal Farm, Forex_Shark Interview

Fantastic Drip Network Tool By DevStreak :

Passive Income From Defi Week 6


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