Platform Token – HDAO

HDAO is the platform token of decentralized autonomous organization HyperDAO, and is currently listed on OKEx and Hoo. It was lauded as one of the top projects of 2020, which was why it was selected as the official token of the HyperFund platform. Based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain technology, HyperDAO will build a financial service ecological platform integrating DeFi applications such as decentralized stablecoin, community crowdfunding, wallet, cloud exchange, market prediction and asset management.

  • Based on distributed bookkeeping and blockchain
  • A decentralized stablecoin
  • An ecological financial service platform integrated with DeFi applications
  • HDAO will be the token powering the HyperDAO ecosystem.
  • Application scenarios will gradually increase and there will be not only a multiplication of wealth, but also a symbol of success in the future.


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