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Compound Interest Is The 8th Wonder Of The World! Albert Einstein

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Founder of The Drip Network and The Animal Farm, Forex_Shark Interview

The Drip Network And Animal Farm OpportunitiesThe Drip Network is a decentralized and deflationary Binance Smart Chain protocol that converts your BNB into native Drip tokens and, if deposited, locks them up permanently in a treasury for dividend payments. The Drip Faucet contract pays out the user a daily 1% interest up to a factor of 3.65 of the deposit. If you choose to compound your dividend payments, you will DRAMATICALLY increase your returns, combine this with building a team, can produce amazing results.

The Animal Farm (AF) is another fully decentralized smart contract that fits perfectly together with the Drip Network. It captures the Drip and Drip/BUSD token output as asset re-investments in The Animal Farm pools and yield farms to incentivize the potential for additional yield opportunities while capturing liquidity in the ecosystem. “The super wealthy do not build and protect their wealth through selling their assets. They [are] accumulating and then leverage their assets, while living off the dividends.”